Meet Janelle Higdon

With a background in digital marketing and content strategy, I have been specializing in marketing for various educational organizations for nearly a decade. After attending Content Marketing World (and totally geeking out about content strategy), I felt challenged to take on the content venture that frightened me most. Launching this website. Writing books. The whole nine yards.

Here are the fast facts about me:

  • I have struggled with body image issues and disordered eating for more than a decade.

  • I believe that the only answer to body image anxiety and idolatry is finding your identity in Jesus.

  • I am a full-time working mom who loves digital marketing and content strategy that yields results. Some might say my middle name is ROI (return on investment).

  • I’m happily married to my handsome hubby, have one adorable kiddo, and a furry sidekick pooch named Mango.

  • I attend a wonderful small church in South Minneapolis called Redeeming Cross Community Church. We are all about preaching Christ and Him crucified. If you visit, I would love to meet you!

  • I am working with Little Lamb Books to publish my first children’s book! Learn more on my Books page.

Beauty in Jesus - about the name

Much of my life, I have been pursuing beauty (and vanity) in earthly things. Pursuing the “right” weight, pursuing the “right” outfits, hair, face, etc. But real beauty—the only real, lasting, unchanging beauty is found in Jesus. This blog is intended to point people to the beauty of Christ. Let’s shift our gaze from earthly things to the saving work of Christ. Let’s focus on the riches of joy in Jesus. With articles on everything from eating disorders to the Christian lifestyle, I hope that this website encourages you to find beauty in Jesus.

Want to get in touch?

Feel free to inquire via my Contact page and I will respond to you as quickly as possible.